Artsy, Fartsy… and Cool

Here’s a trio of new short films (each less than 2 minutes) from a few artists I admire. They might make you laugh, or think, or simply smile. But all are worth your attention.

Helvetia Rocks by Martine Ulmer and Jonas Ott

Here is a animated promo video for a Swiss music/social network website. It is all about women rocking on stage – or some such. All I know is, it’s cool:

The Hunter by Charlyne Yi and Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs

Comedian/performer Charlyne Yi (House, This Is 40) and songwriter/musician Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs (The Finches) collaborated on this sweet little animated fable. It’s Artsy and Cool – or at least I think so…

Lodden Land by Gina Thorstensen and Nacho Rodriquez

This is the “fartsy” one, a new project from Barcelona-based ThorstenCoo (Giving Me A Chance): Lodden Land, which (I’ve been told) means “hairy land” in Norwegian. Gina Thorstensen directed and built the giant puppets which Nacho Rodriquez animated.