Box Office: : ‘The Boy And The Heron’ Becomes First Original 2D Animated Film To Top The U.S. Box Office Since 2009’s ‘The Princess And The Frog’

Mike Carlo is an animator at Titmouse’s N.Y. Studio, and the animation director on Superjail. Over the last few years Carlo has been working on a bunch of his own short films, (we posted one of them two years ago, The President of the Universe). Says Carlo:

“Someone from Nick development saw Science Fare a year ago and I’ve been working on pitches for them ever since. I’m always working on another one, I try to do one a year for a show an animator friend of mine throws each year out here in N.Y. It’s called Midsummer Night Toons, and every year 5-6 animators make original shorts and premiere them at the show, so its been great motivation to make something. I hand draw everything, and provide the voices for most of the characters.”

These are very polished, professional cartoons that look as good – and are just as funny – as anything on Adult Swim or Comedy Central. I predict he’ll be running his own show very soon.

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