Laura Jayne Hodkin Laura Jayne Hodkin

Yeah, it’s crazily addictive. But Instagram is also a peerless resource for discovering new artists, and new facets of artists we thought we knew. The professional and the personal often meet in their profiles, which burst with casual sketches, artwork for future projects, behind-the-scenes materials for existing films, and more. That’s worth getting addicted to.

Below, we’ve curated a list of our five fave Instagram accounts of the week, from both indie and industry figures. We’re always on the lookout for cool accounts — if you want to recommend one, do so in the comments below.

Walt Dohrn is a writer and story artist, and the co-director of Trolls World Tour. On his Instagram, he tracks his life and career in a series of humorous comics.

Laura Jayne Hodkin is an animation director and artist based in the U.K. We featured her short film Hot and Tasty, about two drunk women on the tail-end of a night out, last year.

Leo Matsuda is a former story artist at Disney, where he directed the Oscar-shortlisted short film Inner Workings. He is currently developing features.

Marie Paccou is a French animation director. She is the director of Flip-Books, a series of experimental shorts, each of which is inspired by — and literally drawn on — a book. Many are displayed on her Instagram.

Ian Laser Higginbotham is an animator, illustrator, and storyboard artist who has worked at Warner Bros. Animation, Adult Swim, ShadowMachine, Nickelodeon, and Titmouse, among others.

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