Instagram, best of May 2020 Instagram, best of May 2020

Yeah, it’s crazily addictive. But Instagram is also a peerless resource for discovering new artists, and new facets of artists we thought we knew. The professional and the personal often meet in their profiles, which burst with casual sketches, artwork for future projects, behind-the-scenes materials for existing films, and more. That’s worth getting addicted to.

We’ll be posting regular showcases of our fave new Instagram accounts, from both indie and industry figures. We’re always on the lookout for more artists to feature — if you want to recommend one, do so in the comments below or send a note to news (at) cartoonbrew (dot) com

Dirk Koy is an experimental filmmaker and motion graphics artist from Switzerland. His Instagram is full of playful, slightly disquieting examples of his work.

Sergio Mancinelli is a young designer and visual development artist from Italy. His credits include Klaus, on which he worked chiefly as a background and layout artist.

César Pelizer is an animation director and illustrator based in the U.K. His short film Looking for Something was a Vimeo Staff Pick.

Genie Espinosa is a Spanish artist whose work ranges across character design, illustration, comics, mural painting, and more. Her Instagram features both commercial and personal work.

Joan Wirolinggo is a visual development artist and illustrator from Indonesia. She has worked on Baobab Studios’s Annie-winning vr shorts Bonfire and Crow: The Legend.

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