Blue Sky rigger Ian Etra shows off his childhood passport photo with Snoopy.
Blue Sky rigger Ian Etra shows off his childhood passport photo with Snoopy.

As far as general public-geared animation promos go, this short piece about Blue Sky’s upcoming The Peanuts Movie, entitled “For the Love of Peanuts: Blue Sky Studios – Growing Up Peanuts,” is quite unique.

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Posted by Blue Sky Studios on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Typically, when (and if) an artist is identified by name in a promo for an animated feature, the artist will be one of a handful of the film’s key creative talents. This piece, on the other hand, manages to squeeze in a dozen production personnel into its brief running time, and not just key artists like art director Nash Dunnigan and animation supervisor Nick Bruno, but infrequently publicized talents like camera and staging artist Harald Kraut, lighting supervisor Jeeyun Sung, and character rigging TD Ian Etra. It’s a refreshing sight to see a studio reminding its audience that animated films don’t make themselves and require the talents of hundreds of individuals across many disciplines.

The promo, posted on Blue Sky Studios’ Facebook page, is the first in a series of mini-docs that will be posted throughout the fall, Cartoon Brew has learned from a source close to the film.

The only other studio that regularly puts a spotlight on individual artists is Sony Pictures Animation, which publishes video interviews with its staff on YouTube.

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