<i>Speed Racer</i> Goes Crazy <i>Speed Racer</i> Goes Crazy

Speed Racer Goes Crazy

The Wachowski Brothers Speed Racer movie opens this week. I hope the new film is as much fun as the video below. In it, Speed Racer goes psycho. Brew reader John Kearns created it using only footage and soundtrack from the original Tatsunoko cartoon.

I love the original series. It’s one of my guilty pleasures. SciFiJapan.com has just post a number of excellent SPEED RACER reference pieces well worth reading, and bookmarking.

The first one is nice piece on the creation of the Tatsunoko studio and the origins of the Speed Racer character. The second post is a concise overview of the series, characters and the Mach 5. Read these and you’ll be all up to speed (pun intended).

(Thanks, John Cassidy)