Hell hath no fury like a fanboy spurned, but that usually doesn’t occur until after the film in question has been released to theaters. Tired of having their expectations dashed by disappointing news of the long anticipated live-action Akira adaptation, fans completed their own live version of a trailer for the popular manga-turned-anime, one that attempts to “do Akira justice” by following the source material as closely as possible.

The production, which was titled The Akira Project, was led by Nguyen-Anh Nguyen through his Montreal-based production company Cineground and funded through online donations and a crowdfunding campaign launched on Indiegogo in 2012. Its conception was the result of reports that Warner Brothers’ live-action Akira, which has been in and out of development since they purchased the rights in 2002, was shortlisting non-Asian actors and changing the film’s setting from Tokyo to Manhattan.

“As fans, it always pains us to see old school masterpieces being destroyed by the corporate nature of Hollywood; where numbers often prevail over originality,” said Nguyen-Anh Nguyen in his crowdfunding pitch. “We want to do this because we want to see the vision of Akira come to life in the most realistic way possible and show that there is a public out there for honest, original manga adaptations.”

Learn more about the Akira Project production through their official Facebook page

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