Random Title Cards

Fred Seibert has posted 30 (of 39) of the title cards for his new series of Random Cartoons. The show, starting December 6th on Nicktoons …


Cartoon Dump w/Patton Oswalt

As many of you know, every month (on the fourth Tuesday evening) I co-produce a comedy/cartoon show, Cartoon Dump, at the Steve Allen …


The AFI Fest

The 2008 AFI Fest starts on Friday (Oct. 31st) and runs through November 9th at several venues (but mainly at the Arclight Hollywood) in …


Emcee Cain

It’s hard to avoid political humor during campaign season – especially in these last days of the presidential race. Animator and …


Target Women on Disney Princesses

Target Women is a recurring segment on infoMania, a weekly television show on Al Gore’s Current TV cable channel. In each episode, Sarah …


Bob Camp Remembers Me!

Since May, Jason Anders has been interviewing some the best artists working in animation on his Fulle Circle Productions blog. Bookmark …


Creation Mutation

The Girls have announced that Michelle Valigura’s solo show, Creation Mutation will open at M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs this …


The Nutty Professor in CG

Hey Laaady… We usually have a problem when Hollywood takes a classic animated property and creates a CG update. I’m not sure what …


Yellow Submaryan

Can someone explain this to me – or tell us where it’s from? (Once again, thanks to Don Brockway for finding this)

Feature Film

Alice’s Birthday

The footage in this promo reel looks like a lot of fun to me. All I know about this Russian Flash animated feature is what’s …


Jerry’s Tuesday Triple Header

Take your pick: yours truly, Jerry Beck, will appear on stage, on screen and in print tomorrow, Tuesday October 21st. In Print: …


A Beany and Cecil children’s book

Harry Lee Green posts a lot of cool stuff on his Hairy Green Eyeball blog. Today he delights us with a complete reprint of the 1953 …

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