ADC Licenses Announces

ADC Licensing, a company specializing in the financing and licensing of original animated content, proudly announces the launch of The parent-approved and kid friendly site features original cartoons, pilots, trailers and clips produced by professional animation studios and rights holders. Parents and kids will be able to view original cartoons from all over the world on the go as is “totally, mobiley, globally” on all Android and iOS compatible devices.

ADC Licensing is offering a new approach to the way that cartoons are watched via the worldwide web with The children’s website, has dozens of hours of animated content, most of which have never been seen. All content is submitted by professional animators from across the globe.

The interactive and highly entertaining site allows for kids to stream parent-friendly cartoons, create their own network and share their favorite video with family and friends via email. More importantly, allows real-time feedback for animators and network executives with a window into the viewing habits of their most important demographic – kids. With, executives can receive analytical data that shows which cartoons are most popular among kids, when they are being watched and how many times they have been viewed. In addition, this data can be used for rights holders and studios to present content that may have been turned down by major networks in the past to renew financial interest.

“We intend to spend enough money on a monthly basis to attract tens of millions of kids out of the billions who visit the internet looking for entertainment daily” says ADC Licensing’s CEO, Ira Warren.

“The response from animation rights holders to the service has been overwhelmingly positive”, states Stephen Hodge, EVP of New Media at ADC Licensing. “We are offering something to independent animators and animation studios that they have never experienced. I truly feel that the value of the website speaks for itself. And the kids will love it too!”

With the library of content steadily growing daily, parents and kids will enjoy unlimited hours of kid appropriate cartoons in all genres from action to comedy. Currently, offers cartoons produced in English and Spanish with plans to expand into other languages.