ADC Licensing Inc., a company specializing in the financing and licensing of animation content, announces the signed network agreement of their second financed original animated series, Yoohoo and Friends. The series, developed and produced by ToonZone Studios is based upon the highly popular plush toys created by Korean plush manufacturer, Aurora.

Yoohoo and Friends animated series has been created by award winning producer/ creator David Feiss (Cow and Chicken, I Am Weasel) and written by award winning writer, Thomas Krajewski (The Fairly Oddparents). The show focuses on five furry-tailed heroes on a global quest to save the environment from evildoers and eco-disasters — most caused by them as their former human selves. Once greedy executives bent on power and greed, they are now transformed into cuddly creatures by Father Time who has had enough of their ravaging of the earth’s natural resources. Voiced by Hip-Hop icon and reality TV star Flava Flav, Father Time, presents Roodee, Chewoo, Lemmee, Pammee, and their leader YooHoo with various tasks. Upon completion of the tasks, the heroes are granted gems that will transform and ultimately change them back into their human selves and undo the damage they have caused to the environment. It is up to the creatures to find the gems, save the world and have tons of fun along the way.

Yoohoo and Friends will start airing on the CSC Media Group channel “POP” in the UK first quarter 2012. The cuddly eco-crime fighting group joins CSC Media Group’s current lineup of animated series including Digimon Data Squad, Kid Detectives and Erky Perky.

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