Aniboom Virtual Studio Announces the Aniboom Animation Marketplace Aniboom Virtual Studio Announces the Aniboom Animation Marketplace

Aniboom Virtual Studio Announces the Aniboom Animation Marketplace

NEW YORK — August 23, 2011 —
Aniboom Virtual Studio, the world’s first virtual animation studio, has released a new service — The Aniboom Animation Marketplace. This extension of the Virtual Studio addresses the need of production studios and companies to complement their production and creative capabilities with qualified, professional and cost-efficient animation resources.

The Marketplace offers solutions for all types and sizes of tasks that an animation production would consist of; including illustrations, character design, concept art, storyboarding, short animation clips and much more. Aniboom Virtual Studio’s pool of thousands of animation professionals from around the world is utilized to reach the most suitable creators for each project. These professionals are ready to work and include storyboard artists, concept artists, character and background designers, 2D/3D animators, modelers, riggers, texture artists, matte painters, lighters, supervisors, production managers and more.

Uri Shinar, CEO of Aniboom, said, “We’re extremely proud of the Aniboom Animation Marketplace, and I am certain that it is a solution that will benefit animation production companies greatly.” He added, “Using the power of our Virtual Studio and its 10,000 animation professionals, the Marketplace is part of the game-changing progress of the animation industry.”

The Aniboom Animation Marketplace makes it possible to order any size of project, from something as small as components of the animation process up to a full scale animation. Dozens of companies have already signed up and expressed interest, and the first projects are expected to be started soon.