Animate Projects & Portland Green Cultural Projects Present “Moving Pictures” Online Exhibition

‘Both the simplest and most complex dance pieces or animated works are developed with and have been created from a careful and thoroughly rehearsed set of signs and signifiers.’ Ajay RS Hothi

Animate Projects and Portland Green Cultural Projects present a selection of films that investigate the correlation between animation and dance.

The exhibition explores movement and motion, and gesture and action through films that are concerned with the composition of the image and the framing of space.

Works in the exhibition include Spintex by Gina Czarnecki and Ulf Langheinrich, Pas de Deux de Deux by Paul Bush, Danza para Simetrías by Mariano Ramis and Unicycle Film by Thomas Hicks. An essay by Ajay RS Hothi will accompany the exhibition.

To coincide with the exhibition a panel discussion, will take place16 February at Jerwood Space, supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation. The discussion will be exploring what is the appeal for filmmakers to interpret movement on screen?