Animated Comedy Short, “Mindwash: The Jake Sessions” to Debut at the 24th Annual Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival

LOS ANGELES, CA — August 1, 2011 — Charger Entertainment invites you to take a trip through Los Angeles residents’ damaged minds in a hilarious new animated short film, Mindwash: The Jake Session. In Mindwash, the star of the show and self-obsessed plastic surgery poster girl, Dr. Francine Kovinsky, “helps” a new patient cope with life as she knows it. Mindwash chronicles the 30th birthday of Jake Renaud, an insecure gay West Hollywood artist who recaps his day with Dr. Kovinsky and comes to grips with the idea of aging and the not-so-pivotal roles his friends and family play in his life.

Mindwash: The Jake Session features an all-star cast, including the voice talents of Margaret Cho, Fran Drescher, Kirk Ward, Sam Pancake, Taylor Negron, James Remar, Kathleen Wilhoite and Jackie Derosier.

In Mindwash: The Jake Sessionwe meet Dr. Kovinsky (Margaret Cho) — a 40-something, physically-enhanced surgery junkie with a waning interest in the art of therapy. She would rather be on a beach with a younger man than listening to patients in her Beverly Hills psychiatry practice complain about their lives. Her patient, Jake Renaud (Kirk Ward), a gorgeous slice of West Hollywood life, bores her to no end as he prattles on about the people in his life and his fears about aging.

“Creating Mindwash: The Jake Session was a labor of love, and it’s so fantastic to finally be able to share it with everyone, said John Stapleton, Producer, Charger Entertainment. “The Mindwash series will feature something everyone can relate to — from the complexities of dealing with aging to the complex relationships we form in our lives. The only difference is that our protagonist is a total loon.”

Mindwash: The Jake Session will debut at the 24th Annual Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival (aGLIFF24), September 6th – 12th 2011 in Austin, Texas. For updates about Mindwash, head to the official Facebook page: