Animaze Animation Film Festival Announces Its First Edition Animaze Animation Film Festival Announces Its First Edition

Animaze Animation Film Festival Announces Its First Edition

Montreal,QC-  Animaze Animation Film Festival is proud to present the schedule of its first edition to be held at Cinema du Parc (3575 Ave du Parc) and Concordia University’s Hall Building Auditorium (1455 Ave de Maisonneuve  W) from November 18 to November 20, 2011.

For its inaugural year, Animaze will celebrate the wonderful world of animation through a wide range of activities:

*International Film Competition
Several highly-acclaimed features will be screened in North America for the first time, such as Jeż Jerzy ( an off-beat satire from Poland) and Viva the Nam ( an eclectic stop-motion made with GI JOE dolls). Two prizes will be awarded in this competition; one for “Best in Show” as determined by a panel of judges and one for “Audience Favourite” as voted by the public.

*30th Anniversary Screening of Heavy Metal with director Gerald Potterton
The cult classic gets the special anniversary treatment. Legendary director Gerald Potterton will be attending the screening and will address his legion of fans before the show.

*Saturday Morning Cartoon Extravaganza for Sun Youth Montreal
In honour of that lost time where children had to wait a full week till they got their cartoon hit, we are recreating CBS’s 1986 Saturday Morning lineup with all proceeds going to charity. For this event, we will feature the Berenstein Bears, Muppet Babies, Galaxy High and the unforgettable Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

*Student Animated Shorts Contest
It’s institution vs. institution in this animated short film contest exclusively for undergraduates of local film schools.

*“Freleng: Frame by Frame” charity screening for Sun Youth Montreal with presentation by director Greg Ford
An elusive documentary about Warner Bros legendary director Friz Freleng.  Director Greg Ford will be present to share his memories of working at Warner Brothers with the godfathers of modern animation ( Friz Freleng, Chuck Jones, Virgil Ross, and Bob Clampett).

+ many more activities

Our mission at the Animaze Festival is to celebrate animation in all of its forms whilst contributing to the community.

More details to be disclosed shortly!