AniMazSpot Fest Moves to Bi-Annual Schedule

LOS ANGELES, CA — To advance its mission “to support and promote international animated shorts filmmakers,” and further energize the AniMazSpot festivals and other programs, Animazing Spotlight’s non-profit Board of Directors have clicked the “Refresh” button.

The primary change will be to hold the AniMazSpot festival every other year, rather than annually, as it has been doing since 2009. This creates a more efficient use of financial, staff and program resources, and will allow the board additional time to continue the high quality programming of the first four festivals, and also to explore additional venues and tour locations. This bi-annual format is utilized by most international animation festival, and the Board sees the wisdom of this format to benefit the future of the AniMazSpot festivals.

Therefore, the next festival will be in 2014, and animated short filmmakers will be invited to submit their shorts around mid-July 2013 for AniMazSpot 2014. Nevertheless, all is very much on for AniMazSpot 2012. Weekday Tours, approximately a dozen, Sep 10 thru 14, Weeknight Nomination Screenings, Sep 12 thru 14, Magoo at the Alex gala red carpet celebration, Sep 15, and more programs, and awards, at Woodbury, Sep 16. For tickets and more information, visit and click on “event.”

The other change will be that Tee Bosustow, Festival Director for these first four years, will step aside after the AniMazSpot 2012 festival, to make room for a new festival team to share the important festival work ahead for 2014. Bosustow will move over to head the non-festival work such as bringing back animated shorts to precede features, getting AniMazSpot filmmakers’ works to major studios, and other ways of bringing attention to long neglected area of animated shorts.

Additionally, Bosustow will be returning to the completion of The Boing Heard Round the World, a documentary feature on UPA’s influence on modern animation.  Thanks to a successful fundraising drive for the documentary, the doc team is offering additional funds to make AniMazSpot 2012’s Magoo at the Alex event even better, a veritable red carpet celebration.

AniMazSpot is the Spot to be for Animated Shorts.