Beijing’s Reach Glory Animation Preps TV Series “Troubleshooters!”

BEIJING, CHINA. Reach Glory Animation has just completed the first tranche of episodes for their animated television series, Troubleshooters! The show will begin airing on CCTV this Summer with the first 104 episodes.

Produced by Sophie Helian and Ben Erwei Ji, and Executive Produced by Alex Wu and Mark Byers, the series follows the adventures of six children on another world who have set up their own business to help solve problems for their friends and neighbors. Problems range from the whimsical to the poignant, and the solutions are always unexpected and hilarious.

Troubleshooters! is directed by Luke Allen and Robert Nie, Co-Produced by Nie and Suey Chen, with Supervising Producer Bin Zhao. Script writing and production services are provided by Popoko Studios, with Chen and Byers serving as head writers. The series is designed for export to the international markets after the initial run on CCTV.

“We’re very excited by the potential of Troubleshooters! for both the domestic Chinese market and international broadcast,” said Executive Producer Wu. “The series is fun and funny, but also carries an important message about cooperation and helping others.”

Reach Glory Animation is a division of Reach Glory Media Group, a leading China-based media group providing services in multiple aspects of the entertainment industry. The three core arms in the group include RG Communications, an integrated branding and marketing agency; Angel Wings Entertainment, a motion picture and television production and investment company; and RG Animation, an emerging creative animation production, licensing, and merchandising practice.

Recently, Reach Glory Media Group was involved in the production of the feature films Color Me Love and Laws of Attraction, and brand integration for a Chinese fashion company in the Hollywood hit, Iron Man 2.