SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, May 23, 2012– Bitzio, Inc. (“Bitzio” or “the Company”), a leader in apps, mobile media and behavioral analytics, today announced the definitive acquisition of Motion Pixel Corporation Holdings, Inc. (“MPC”), a high-end media and animation studio with operations in the U.S., Costa Rica, and India.

The MPC acquisition adds 35 animators, developers and managers to the expanding Bitzio global team. Terms of the acquisition to be disclosed upon an upcoming 8-K filing.

William Schonbrun, President and CEO of Bitzio commented, “The acquisition of MPC elevates the quality, beauty and experience of a Bitzio app to that of an animated movie. MPC’s media and animation capabilities sync perfectly with our company vision. MPC also brings with it amazing relationships with sports and entertainment properties – and through those relationships we are able to secure mobile and digital rights to animated versions of world renowned athletes and stars.” Examples of MPC’s animation work can be viewed on their Demo Reel.

“Bitzio is now a company focused on delivering mobile apps with movie quality animation and game play, virtually never found in mobile apps. With MPC’s high end visual capabilities, and media and licensing rights, we can now completely focus on delivering apps for existing fans of sports teams, athletes and stars – and we can include animated versions of those teams and stars in the mobile game. We believe focusing our efforts on the existing fans of sports and entertainment properties, coupled with the quality of our apps and our behavioral analytics capabilities are massive differentiators. This is what sets us apart from other app development companies.”

Revenue will be generated from several channels including paid downloads, freemium (free to paid user) conversions based on premium content, in-app advertising, in app sponsorship, premium in-app purchases (game enhancement features) and cross promotion of other apps built around the sports or entertainment property through the Company’s proprietary App Wall technology.

Manny Bains, CEO of MPC commented, “Our team has seen a perfect alignment with Bitzio’s corporate strategy. We have the ability to create a level of graphic beauty that is rare in the world of apps right now. Bitzio brings the technology, deployment, marketing and monetization capabilities to the table. We chose to become a part of Bitzio because of their talent and vision. They have solved the conundrum that most app development companies have, how to connect with users. They are truly a behavioral analytics company masquerading as an app developer and this excites us. The value of marketing to existing fan bases boosts potential monetization and user conversion rates to levels we have never seen.”

Bitzio will be focusing on developing apps for four key verticals of existing fan bases: sports teams, entertainment, Bollywood and gaming. The Company will utilize the Bitzio Platform, which includes proprietary technologies such as Bitzio’s App Wall to market, monetize and analyze user behavior.

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