Blue-Zoo’s “Olive The Ostrich” Coming To U.S. Via Sprout

Toronto, ON — Distribution360 and Blue-Zoo animation studio announced that its favorite feathered friend Olive the Ostrich will make its American debut this Monday, August 27 at 4:50 p.m. ET on the 24-hour preschool television channel Sprout.

Full of imagination and a huge appetite for adventure, Olive is an ostrich who loves to solve problems and help people wherever she can. Olive will try anything once — which sometimes results in her getting into trouble. However, the great thing about this feathered friend is that she always finds an inventive way to get herself out of her debacle. All 52 x 5 minute CGI-animated episodes of Olive the Ostrich are sure to take kids on a new imaginary adventure. Blue-Zoo animators have even integrated real pictures drawn and submitted by children.

Olive the Ostrich has been taking preschoolers’ along on her charming adventures in over 200 countries worldwide,” said Kirsten Hurd, Senior Sales Executive, D360. “With an ever-growing popularity, we are delighted to light up the young lives of new Olive fans in over 50 million American homes on Sprout.”

“Blue-Zoo is thrilled that Olive the Ostrich’s new great adventure with be on Sprout. She has been everywhere from outer space to 20 leagues under the sea, but never before has she headed over the water to America,” said Oli Hyatt, Head of Development and Co-Founder of Blue-Zoo. “Sprout is the ideal home for Olive and we hope the series grows and grows, allowing us to make American episodes created by American children.”