Bubble Gum Interative To Create “Little Space Heroes” Short-Form Cartoons

Independent children’s entertainment developer Bubble Gum Interactive has announced that production has commenced on a series of short-form cartoons based on its popular Little Space Heroes virtual universe. The virtual universe is a family-friendly online game for kids worldwide and can be played for free at

The cartoons introduce viewers to the back story of Little Space Heroes, before kids from the internet are asked to join as Space Hero Cadets. In the prelude, Ace, Professor Q, Gizmo the robot and friends embark on an intergalactic adventure to rescue the glows (small creatures with big powers!). Together, they pit themselves against the ‘I-wish-I-was-more-evil’ Lord Shadowbot and his long suffering sidekicks who plan to steal all the glows and bring darkness to the galaxy.

“We are super excited to be able to produce the backstory,” said Executive Producer Phillip Mason, Bubble Gum Interactive “It provides a great opportunity to give our audience insights into why they are out their training as Space Heroes and searching for the villainous Lord Shadowbot. Being able to build on the story and sense of jeopardy using cartoons as a medium is awesome, and hopefully kids everywhere will work even harder to find Shadowbot and rescue the glows as fast as they can!”

The cartoons will be made available for mobile devices, online and traditional TV broadcast. In addition to a strong in-house team of storytellers, Bubble Gum Interactive has announced the involvement of two Australian television industry stalwarts to help drive the development of a Little Space Heroes cartoon series.

Graham Cousens, former Creative Director for Disney Channel has strapped on his space boots and signed on for adventure as Executive Producer for the cartoon series. With more than fifteen years TV experience, Graham brings deep insight and invaluable expertise in storytelling and production for children’s TV.

Internationally acclaimed children’s television scriptwriter Robert Greenberg has also joined the team to co-write the series. Robert has written episodes of Australia’s most popular children’s television series Round the Twist as well as writing cut scenes for Nickelodeon’s Globs of Doom and Attack of the Toybots featuring Spongebob Squarepants.

The Little Space Heroes virtual universe has received funding support from Screen Australia, the Commonwealth Government screen agency providing support to Australian film television, documentary and digital media makers.

“Screen Australia are thrilled with the warm response to the game”, said Mike Cowap, Investment Manager, Screen Australia. “The appetite for more storytelling from the Little Space Heroes world is testament to the richness and creative depth of the property, and the addition of these experienced individuals to the team will see the potential done justice.”

“The entire team is really excited to be developing the cartoons.” said Paul Gray, Community Director, Bubble Gum Interactive “We’re all passionate storytellers and artists and it’s truly inspiring to see the characters from our virtual world come to life. Our fan base is already asking when they’ll see the adventures of the Little Space Heroes on screens around the world — the answer is, pretty soon!”

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