Bulgarian Animation’s New Animated Series “The Show” Expected to Premiere on September 26th with Special Guest Animation, US President Barack Obama

Bulgarian Animations, is proud to announce the The Show, an animated late night talk show with a knack for drawing out famous celebrities.

An animated President of the United States, Barack Obama, will make his first appearance this Friday on Bulgarian Animation’s The Show. The animated President Obama will be sure to show off his dancing skills in front of the audience. While an animated Justin Bieber was rumored to appear on the pilot show, the animated President nudged out the international pop superstar. Highlights from the first episode include coded communication between animated President Obama and alien species, as well as previously unseen footage of the newest Olympic discipline.

Fans of the network, Adult Swim, are sure to appreciate the humor, the graphics and the sensibility of Bulgarian Animations.

Bulgarian Animations also recently launched the pilot episode of Brain Damage on September 18th. In the Himalayan Edelweiss, the two main characters undertake a series of exciting adventures in search of a rare flower. Both The Show and Brain Damage will launch regular episodes over the following weeks. To watch new episodes as they are released, visit the Bulgarian Animation YouTube channel.

“We are currently considering options for raising capital to further expand our portfolio of projects,” said Nick Mitov, managing executive of Bulgarian Animations. “We are also planning to release our first app game in the middle of October based on characters from The Show.”