Call For Submissions: New Animated Series for Mondo Media

San Francisco, CA, November 14, 2011 — Mondo Media, the leading multi-platform distributor of online animated hits like “Happy Tree Friends” and “Dick Figures,” is looking for writers and animators to submit pitches for online series targeted to teens and young adult audiences for their YouTube animation channel, “Mondo Mini Shows.”

Mondo Media recently passed the 1 billion-view mark on YouTube and in the process built the Mondo Mini Shows channel into the definitive home for animation on the Internet. As part of the recently announced YouTube channel expansion, Mondo is dramatically ramping up its plans to finance and launch multiple new series throughout 2012.

“For decades, TV and film careers were the only viable avenues for comedy writers and developers,” says Aaron Simpson, Mondo Media’s VP of Development. “But with YouTube’s rapid rise, the digital comedy space has emerged as a real business, and Mondo is a proven innovator and leader when it comes to animated comedy. We can team up writers with animators, and vice versa – but first we’re reaching out to the creative community for pitches. Imagine what a college student in Miami, Madrid or Melbourne thinks is funny, and when your ready, visit our website and submit your pitch,” Simpson added.

“Dick Figures” producer Brendan Burch, CEO of Six Point Harness says, “Mondo has taken our animated series “Dick Figures,” and built it into the number-one animated show on YouTube in less than a year. Anyone can make a show and throw it up on YouTube, but partnering with Mondo has significantly accelerated the success of Dick Figures.”

Writers and animators interested in pitching their ideas should visit Mondo Media’s “Mondo Mini Shows” YouTube channel at

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