China-Based Crimson Forest Creates Epic 100-Part Animation Series, “Ginseng vs. Aliens”

LOS ANGELES & BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Crimson Forest VFX/Animation Studio, one of China’s most modern and fastest growing film and animation studios, is taking viewers to entirely new realms of the imagination with its upcoming 100-part animation series, Ginseng vs. Aliens.

The story takes place in a magical village deep in Changbai Mountain where the series’ main character, Little Ginseng, and his team of friends — Radish boy, Deer boy, Grass head and Tang (his love interest) — live happily together. That is until their world gets turned upside down when an alien spacecraft crashes nearby. The Ginseng family uses its powers and those of the magical ginseng root to battle the aliens and eventually find ways to co-exist with them.

“Each episode deals with the Ginseng family and the daily problems they run into with their new visitors,” said Xiao Xin, Head Writer, Crimson Forest Films. “There are many lessons to be learned along the way, like friendship, respect and virtue. We are excited to share the awesome story of the Ginseng family with our audiences around the world.” To get a sneak peek of the new show, please visit:

Crimson Forest’s Jason Huang, originally from South Korea, directs the series. “Eastern culture and traditions are cherished throughout Asia, and the root of the series is to demonstrate how this is honored. Ginseng vs. Aliens is a fantastical voyage to help people regardless of age, culture or country, learn about traditional Eastern culture in a highly entertaining and visually stunning way.”

General Manager Jon Chiew and COO/ VFX Supervisor Andy Chen lead the animation team of more than 100 artists in creating high quality CG animation. Chen comes to the studio with a background that includes positions at DreamWorks and Electronic Arts, and works with his team of Chinese and international artists to bring a fresh perspective to China’s animation industry.

Ginseng vs. Aliens is produced, scripted, directed and animated in China by Crimson Forest Animation/VFX, with investment from Beijing Datu International Cultural Investment Co. Ltd. and Xin Entertainment and Culture Communication Co. Ltd. The team is producing the complete package for the series, from original sketches to final animation, original theme music, as well as merchandising and games.

The first episodes of the series are finished and are planned for broadcast in early 2012. U.S. distribution is planned for mid to late 2012.