Deptap Seeks Animated Films for Online Distribution

Deptap is a new online initiative aimed at empowering student, independent, and foreign animators.

Dubbed the iTunes of Animation, Deptap allows creators to charge others to watch or download their films.

“Or give it away for free,” founder Rajesh Bhavnani, a freelance director and animator, is quick to add. “I don’t stop artists from showing their films for free. I want to give artists more options, not limit them.

“But we need to change the way we watch independent cartoons so we don’t lose our best to creativity-killing studio jobs. Even the best student films come with the cost of tuition. And charging a nominal fee, at the animator’s discretion, is the best way to show how much we value what they do.”

According to, three of the highest grossing movies of all time are animated movies and every single one of the top twenty grossing movies has some animation in it.

Bhavnani sees this as proof people are willing to pay for short animated films. “People love animation and want to pay to get their fix, especially if by doing so they know they’re getting something worth paying for.

“Thanks to advances in technology, people on the go are able to access a world of entertainment from their phones. They need to sort out the dirt from the diamonds and Deptap guarantees quality animated entertainment by charging for the best independents have to offer.”

Won’t that kill exposure?

Bhavnani dismisses that notion completely. “With our proprietary technology, we allow cartoons to go viral and still ensure the artist gets paid. And because we service an international audience, the cartoons in our library are seen worldwide.”