DirectTV Channel Punch TV Launches Animation Division, Hires Leo Sullivan

In keeping with its company goal of providing original programming suitable for the entire family, Punch TV is pushing an aggressive plan to expand its animation programming.

Punch Television Network announced today that they have signed former Far East Disney Studio Production Manager Leo Sullivan to head-up its new animation division. Mr. Sullivan will be working closely with all Punch TV departments to create new and exciting animation projects. He will also be reviewing current animation programming for possible renewals, improvements, updates or possible cancellations.

A majority of the new animation projects will be geared to children, but with the success of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, Punch TV is also hoping to offer new innovative animated series for adult viewers.

“We are thrilled to have Mr. Sullivan join the Punch TV family, said Punch Television CEO Joseph Collins, “his pedigree in animation is unmatched in today’s television landscape. I look forward to seeing what creative shows result from our collaboration.”

Mr. Sullivan has worked for most of the major studios including Warner Brothers, Bob Clampett, Hanna Barbara, and DIC before moving onto form his own production studio. For 10 years his company produced animation and educational videos. In 1992 it reopened to resume multimedia production and distribution. Mr. Sullivan’s work includes involvement with the groundbreaking Fat Albert series and Beany and Cecil from the 1960’s.

Punch Television Network is committed to providing quality television suitable for the entire family. Punch Television Network serves over 80 million homes on Direct TV Channel 341.