Disney Alum Greg Manwaring stars FunToons Animation Company in Austin, Texas

FunToons LLC, an animation company founded by Disney veteran, Greg Manwaring, today announced the opening of its offices in Austin, at 7703 N. Lamar Boulevard.

FunToons creates animated feature films, television shows and ancillary products. “We create top quality entertainment for the whole family – from classical musicals to cutting-edge action adventures,” said company CEO, Greg Manwaring.

The decision to invest and create jobs in Austin came about because of the city’s growing, vibrant economy, business and family friendly environments, and because of the local talent pool. Austin has always been in Manwaring’s mind because of the likes of Dell, Tarantino, Rodriguez, Bullock, McConaughey, SXSW and finally Harry Knowles and his “Ain’t it Cool” website.

Manwaring has animated on such modern classics as The Lion King, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and cult favorite Iron Giant. Additionally, he helped create episodes of The Ren and Stimpy Show and Family Guy. Some of his most recent work was seen in the 2010 Oscar nominated, The Illusionist. After directing multiple television series and a feature film on behalf of other studios, Manwaring is focused on producing FunToons’ own original content, both for television and the silver screen.

The first project to be undertaken at the Austin facility is Kris Kringle, a whimsical Christmas film, in 3D, being executive produced by Frank Marshall (The Sixth Sense, The Bourne Identity). Recording star Michael Bolton (Disney’s Aladdin) will produce the musical numbers for the film, which will open in cinemas worldwide on Thanksgiving 2013. FunToons will follow this in 2014 with the very wacky, murder-mystery, 9 Lives.

Austin’s venture into F1 racing just happens to coincide with the company’s planned production of Kart Kids, a Saturday morning TV show featuring a go-kart gang of kids being mentored by F1 legend, Michael Schumacher.

FunToons will soon offer an animation course to help develop future animation talent. “Teaching animation has always been a passion of mine. It’s rewarding to pass on the lessons I’ve learned to the next generation.” says Manwaring, who, true to his word, in March, gave a one hour lecture, to the animation class at McCallum High School in Austin, together with his friend and Pixar veteran, David Fulp.

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