Indian Animation is finally all set to transcend boundaries. Hey Krishna, India’s first stereoscopic animated feature film with its groundbreaking quality is ready to release worldwide with the highest number of prints for any Indian animation feature film ever. The concentration of global release will be in its 3D stereoscopic format.

4 years of extensive research inspired by His Holyness Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada’s book Krsna gave the film its final shape. Krishna is India’s greatest heritage character that had motivated the Hare Krishna Movement almost 50 years back.

For millions of people as Krishna’s followers, both people of Indian origin and people across the world, the film addresses the story of Krishna — his pre-birth till he was 10 years old. It is the story of Krishna the destiny’s child, born as the nemesis of brutal king Kans who had tormented the kingdom with his ruthless dominance.  Growing up as a naughty prankster, Krishna from a very early age displays his valiant powers over the deadly demons send by Kans whose frustrations grows as every death defying duel hails Krishna emerging as a real hero among his folks. Years of futile efforts to eliminate his nemesis at last compels Kans to invite the Krishna for a decisive duel in the coliseum as the massive crowd breathlessly witnesses the final faceoff between good and the evil.

Reliance Entertainment, CEO, Sanjeev Lamba says, “Hey Krishna is India’s first animation film to be released in 3D and is sure to bring families together in cinemas this Janmashtami. It is a captivating story based on Lord Krishna’s early life and the victory of good over evil. We are extremely excited about bringing ‘Hey Krishna’ to cinemas on 3rd August and are hopeful it will add more colors to every family’s festive celebrations.”

Hey Krishna has every potential to turn around the Indian animation industry towards a golden future that has been long awaited.

The entire film has been dubbed in English for its international release. The music of the film is one of its greatest USP’s. All 5 songs have been redubbed in English. The spectacular background score of the film has truly recreated the charm of Krishna’s time and era lending it an epic proportion.

Ashish S.K. CEO, Reliance Animation who is also the executive producer of the film said, “Every animation film takes a long time in making. Hey Krishna is approx. 2 hrs of duration and over 1200 artists have worked on the film. It has taken us about 5 ½ years in making to create the finest animated feature film out of India both in terms of quality of animation and captivating storytelling. Krishna is the greatest character brand from India with generations both in India and abroad having grown up with his stories. It was important to showcase those treasured narratives in the most authentic manner for the present as well as for the future generations to come. Also the fact that Krishna is as dear to kids as he is to adults makes him such an endearing character. While most people work on 3D platform for feature films, for the first time we have elaborately used Adobe Flash, Photoshop, After Effects from Adobe and Storyboard Pro & Harmony from Toonboon to create Hey Krishna. This film directed by Vikram Veturi has a colorful painting feel as each and every frame has been created with great aesthetic and artistic precision. It would surprise many that these tools can be used to create such a grand international quality theatrical feature film of this scale. “Hey Krishna” is nothing short of a case study, which will remain immortal and provide a lifeline as well as point of reference for several flash and digital 2D studios world over. The film is further converted from digital 2D to a 3D stereoscope format by Reliance Media Works. The high quality stereoscope conversion process has ensured that every sequence and scene is presented to the audience as a spectacular element of art. We are sure it is going to give an enriching experience to the audience. Let me assure you that we are at the juncture of the golden era of Indian Animation and the good times for animated features have just started.”

With his captivating smile and magical eyes, Krishna has already won the hearts of the audience as seen in the promos. Now its time for the naughty prankster to win the hearts of both global and domestic audience with its worldwide release on 3rd August.

Chris Arrant

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