Lorenzo Fonda and UVPHACTORY Animate Scissor Sisters Lorenzo Fonda and UVPHACTORY Animate Scissor Sisters

Lorenzo Fonda and UVPHACTORY Animate Scissor Sisters

New York, NY — Lorenzo Fonda has teamed up with the New York-based pop rock band Scissor Sisters for their latest video, Baby Come Home. The video is Fonda’s second collaboration with the band; Fonda directed the video for Only Horses, which is also off their latest album, Magic Hour (Polydor UK).

Mixing live-action and animation, the video pushes through a re-imagined beer label trompe l’oeil, complete with vaudeville pop-colored stage theatrics. The labels bring the song’s lyrics to life, ultimately ending with a full-on dance number around a helplessly lovesick rabbit.

Fonda worked with UVPHACTORY to complete the animation for the video. Together the team mixed live action with still frame animation and motion graphics with full VFX to create the shifting sequence of characters played by the band. The team used After Effects to maximize the use of 3D space in the video’s sequence, giving an overall 2.5D feel for depth.

“When we started off working with Lorenzo everything was pretty straight forward,” said UVPHACTORY Principal Damijan Saccio. “But then once we had all of the animators working together it became very collaborative. Valentin (Boschi), our lead animator, really hit it off with Lorenzo and Luca. For the character animation, Danien (Bastelica) did a lot of it frame by frame. For everyone involved it really became a passion project that we are all quite happy with.”