Monday nights are about to get funnier with the premiere of Cartoon Network’s new animated comedy series, The Problem Solverz.  Created by celebrated artist Ben Jones, The Problem Solverz presents a fresh, distinctive visual style and tone that is as entertaining as it is intriguing.  The series follows three crazy young dudes, Horace, Roba and Alfe, the proprietors of an unorthodox detective agency dedicated to solving the mysteries of the universe, one case at a time. Here, no case is too trivial or too weird, whether it’s a lost cat matching wits with a rogue giant rollerblade or simply collecting clues to decipher mystical riddles, The Problem Solverz are up to the challenge!  Slated to premiere Monday, April 4, at 8:45 p.m. (ET/PT), the series joins the Monday night animated comedy line-up of network hits including Adventure Time, MAD and Regular Show.

A member of the celebrated artist collective Paper Rad, series creator Ben Jones has exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the world. Most recently he mounted solo shows at Deitch Projects, New York and AMP, Athens. Jones has animated and directed a number of segments for some notable television series including Yo Gabba Gabba and Wonder Showzen.  He has also directed music videos for Beck (“Gameboy Homeboy,” “Bit Variations in B-Flat” and “Bad Cartridge,”) The Gossip (“Standing in the Way of Control”) and Islands (“Don’t call me Whitney, Bobby.”).

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