Nine Design Studios Parnter To Answer BiG MACHiNE’s “Videophonic” Challenge Nine Design Studios Parnter To Answer BiG MACHiNE’s “Videophonic” Challenge

Nine Design Studios Parnter To Answer BiG MACHiNE’s “Videophonic” Challenge

Los Angeles, CA — The standing-room only crowd at the 2012 PromaxBDA Conference said it all. Audiences were inspired by the caliber of music video work they had just witnessed as part of Videophonic, a collaborative effort of nine leading design studios working on a common assignment: create a music video for a classic song from the pre-MTV era.

Now, the entire compilation of videos can be seen at the newly launched Videophonic website:

The brainchild of Steve Petersen, Co-Founder/Creative Director of BiG MACHiNE, the nine music videos bear the unique fingerprint and style of each participating studio. Videophonic initially launched as a creative exercise for rival design and production studios to unite and collaborate. The participating companies include: BiG MACHiNE, Roger, Pistolera, Radley, Royale, Space Junk, Wildlife, Third Eye Design and Tennant McKay from South Africa.

“I wanted to come up with a way to take a snapshot of the state of design in our industry,” explains Petersen. “A way to take a look at common design trends and how other agencies approach creative assignments. I thought that a forum where talented – and typically competing — studios could all work on the same assignment would be a great way to compare design styles. By inviting other studios from around the world to interpret a music video in their own way, we were able to get a glimpse into each studio’s one-of-a-kind creative process.”

Adopting a song with a music video that never got one presented a rare opportunity to create without a marketing agenda. The videos, which made their world premiere at the 2012 PromaxBDA Conference in Los Angeles, showed a range of live-action filmmaking, groundbreaking animation, and new storytelling techniques.

BiG MACHiNE selected Donna Summer’s 1977 hit “I Feel Love,” featuring human animals, gorgeously body-painted by artist Hans Haveron as a cheetah, eagle, and hunter, as they move sensually through an enchanted forest.

“The nice thing about music videos is that the narrative concept doesn’t have to be as real world-based as a standard feature film,” says Petersen. “Fantasy and great visuals work really well in this medium. The song features an electro-beat, similar to a contemporary techno song. We felt that the non-specific lyrics allowed for an open-ended interpretation of the song. Our video is a heroic, survival-driven love story. It was the perfect fit for us.”

The biggest challenge for BiG MACHiNE was the extremely tight turnaround. The video was shot in Big Bear on a Sunday, and was set to show at the conference one week later. The post process – from the RED conversion and edit to the VFX, composite and sound design — was completed in a matter of days.

“It was all worth it,” concludes Petersen. “I had wanted to work with [body paint artist] Hans Haveron for a long time. It was one of the most awesome experiences I’ve had as a director and artist. Bringing his art form into our ours made for a really special piece that’s way beyond what I thought it would be.”