Optimizer Launches New Animation Division dubbed AnimationWRX

Today Optimizer International Group, Inc. (FRA:3OP) announced the launch of its new division AnimationWRX. Earlier this year the company acquired Auckland based motion graphics and animation company, Desaign, which formed the basis for setting up this new division.

At the time of the acquisition, little was disclosed about the purpose, strategic reason or future of Desaign in context of Optimizer’s existing brands and market focus, however, in a statement released today, Optimizer CEO Manas Kumar said that “our market research revealed a major need for motion graphics and animation related services for organizations around the world, especially those competing online. With an expanded team and our already strong online footprint, this division is perfectly positioned to bring cutting edge animation services to SMEs around the world.”

Kumar went on to say that “Animation WRX extends our portfolio of products and services offered globally, adding one more link in the chain that connects various aspects of online business.”

Tan Desai, former CEO of Desaign, now Vice President of Visual Media says, “Animation WRX carries on from Desaign’s original quest to simplify and explain complex ideas. People’s attention span is diminishing while competition is increasing and animated videos offer a sense of engagement making it one of the most effective medium of communication online. These are exciting times as a global market awaits a service such as ours.”

AnimationWRX is already working with clients in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Canada and the US helping them explain complex ideas, express innovation, and present sales pitches.