Render Rocket Announces Two New Services

LOS ANGELES, CA — Render Rocket , an advanced cloud-based rendering services company, announced that it has added Free, Unlimited Test Rendering and a new Referral Program to its list of services. The free unlimited test renders include support and training, giving customers the ability to test up to five frames of their project before they pay for it. In addition, Render Rocket has just launched the Rocket Referral Program, which enables customers to get 100 free credits per month for an entire year for every customer they bring to Render Rocket. Render Rocket will be showcasing both new programs at this year’s NAB (CloudMediaHUB booth #N3222I – North Hall, Middle of the Cloud Computing Pavilion).

The Free, Unlimited Test Renders option, which is the only cloud-based, self-service test option for rendering on the market, gives customers a number of advantages, including:

— Getting familiar with Render Rocket’s cloud-based service and rendering interface, Mission Control, for free;
— Identifying any potential issues or needed tweaks to a project before spending any money;
— Enabling Render Rocket’s sales team to assist customers in scoping a project’s costs and finding the best pricing options;
— Giving customers confidence that Render Rocket is the right fit for their workflow and project needs.

Test renders are limited to five (5) frames, and all final rendered images are watermarked. All test renders come with access to training and support. There is no limit to how many tests a customer can run. In addition, test renders do not use pre-paid Render Rocket credits, nor will a customer’s credit card be charged for these tests.

“The creative process is iterative, and sometimes takes a bit of trial and error to get it right,” said Ruben Perez, CEO of Render Rocket. “For our customers, the new Free, Unlimited Test Renders give them a way to test their creative ideas before they spend any money. Those new to Render Rocket can test our rendering service without having to pay upfront for their project. Either way, it’s a win for the customer.”

Render Rocket is also launching the new Rocket Referral Program, which kicks off immediately and gives Render Rocket customers a great way to load their account with free render credits to use on current and future projects. Under the program, customers who are currently using Render Rocket’s service can gain access to 100 extra render credits per month (which equates to 100 monthly core hours of processing) just by bringing a new customer to the cloud-based service. Referring customers get the same amount of credits every month for a year for each customer they refer (1200 core hours of processing per year / per customer). The 100 credits are monthly credits and do not carry over from month to month.