Turner Broadcasting Reveals Digital Plans For “The Amazing World of Gumball”

Turner Broadcasting has today launched an ambitious digital project to support the upcoming debut of its anticipated kids’ comedy series The Amazing World of Gumball on Cartoon Network.

The technologically groundbreaking UK-produced series is made in 2D and 3D animation within a live-action setting, and charts the adventures of a blue cat called Gumball and his best buddy Darwin. It is the first series from Turner’s in-house development team, and it has already been commissioned for a second season in advance of series debut this September.

Turner Broadcasting has commissioned bespoke content from the show’s creative team which it will release on social media platforms in the run up to series launch. The broadcaster has ordered a total of 28 videos which will be distributed on Youtube via a page called “Elmore Stream”, named after the show’s fictional setting.

Also forming a part of the social media campaign will be a Facebook page with content such as clips, quizzes, questions, quotes and a host of show information. Both the Youtube and Facebook activity will feature in eight territories across EMEA and in 15 languages, and will be managed by creative agency Holler.

In addition, Gumball’s dad Richard Watterson will be given his own Twitter account, and his sister Anais her own Flickr account, both of which will be English language only. The digital media campaign aims to bring the world of Elmore and its inhabitants to life, via an immersive and sharable brand experience.

Michael Carrington, Chief Content Officer, Turner Broadcasting said: “A multiplatform commission on this scale is particularly important for a series like The Amazing World of Gumball which uses such advanced digital techniques in its composition. It adds another layer to the TV series, and enables fans to have the same high quality engagement and interaction with the show irrespective of platform.”

Ashley Clouder, Head of Marketing at Holler said ‘In terms of social community management this is such an exciting project for us to be involved with as we’ll be able to monitor engagements across such a wide range of territories and see how each audience responds to specific content.”