VIEW Conference Announces Speakers

TURIN, Italy — The VIEW Conference, Italy’s largest computer graphics conference, is proud to announce three outstanding keynote speakers: Multiple Academy-Award winning director of sound design for Skywalker Sound Randy Thom and Pixar Director of photography Sharon Calahan and Cory Doctorow, science fiction novelist, blogger and technology activist.

Calahan, who was the director of photography for Disney/Pixar’s Cars 2 will open the conference on October 25 and Doctorow will deliver his keynote on Wednesday, 26 October while Thom will give the closing address on October 28. In addition, Calahan will offer an in-depth photography/lighting workshop, and Thom, an in-depth sound design workshop. “We are delighted to welcome these brilliant professionals to the VIEW conference and to Torino,” says VIEW director Maria Elena Gutierrez. “We are thrilled that both our keynote speakers have also offered to share their expertise in separate workshops. I’m so excited that our attendees will have this unique opportunity to learn from these masters. Their generosity epitomizes the spirit of the VIEW conference.”

Other headliners traveling to Turin include two visual effects supervisors from Industrial Light & Magic: Academy-Award winner Scott Farrar, visual effects supervisor for Transformers: The Dark of the Moon, and two-time Oscar nominee Roger Guyett, visual effects supervisor for Cowboys & Aliens; BAFTA award nominee Peter Nofz, digital effects supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks for Green Lantern; Gavin Graham, co-head of 3D at Double Negative for Captain America: The First Avenger; and from the Moving Picture Company, Adriano Rinaldi, who was lead effects technical director for X-Men: First Class and Daniele Bigi, look development lead for X-Men: First Class.

Speakers confirmed as of this date include:
·      Keynote Sharon Calahan – Director of Photography/Lighting, Pixar Animation Studio ‘Cars2 – An International Adventure’
·      Keynote Randy Thom – Multiple-Award Winning Director of Sound Design, Skywalker Sound
·      Keynote Cory Doctorow – Science fiction novelist, blogger and technology activist ’Detente: how the arts and the Internet can peacefully co-exist, and why they must’
·      Tom Wujec – Academy Award winner, visual thinking guru and innovator, Autodesk
·      Scott Farrar – Academy Award Winner and Senior VFX supervisor, ILM, Transformer3
·      Roger Guyett – VFX Supervisor and Second Unit Director, ILM, Cowboys & Aliens
·      Lucia Modesto – Character Technical Director Supervisor, PDI/Dreamworks Animation ‘Character Rigging for animation feature movies’
·      Peter Nofz – Digital Effects Supervisor, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Green Lantern
·      Glenn Entis – Academy Award Winner, Co-Founder and General Partner, Vanedge Capital ‘Beyond Badges- Gamification for the Real World’
·      David S. Cohen – Associate Editor, Variety ‘Variety’s history of 3D’

·      Adriano Rinaldi – Head of Effects, MPC, X-Men: First Class
·      Daniele Bigi – Lighting Supervisor, MPC, X-Men: First Class
·      Gavin Graham – Co-Head of 3D, Double Negative ‘Captain America: Creating A Digital Marvel’
·      Daniel Shapiro – Director of Automotive Marketing, NVIDIA ‘Driving Innovation: State-of-the-art computer graphics for automotive design, visualization and in-vehicle safety’

·      Aldo Maggiore – Director of B.U. ICT Engineering Methods & Services, Fiat ITEM

·      Erminio Pinque – Creature fabricator/performer and Art Director, Big Nazo Lab ‘Creature Adventures in the real world’

·      Kris Piotrowski – Co-Founder and Creative Director, Capy ‘Design Sworcery’
·      Joshua Grow – 2011 SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival Director, VFX Artist at The Creative Cartel and Producer

·      Roger Gould – Creative Director, Pixar’s Theme Park Group
·      David Revoy – Digital Painter & Art Director ‘Digital painting: Free/Liber Open-source software’
·      Mike Springer – Software Engineer, Google ‘Google Apps & AppEngine – Scaling your tools with your business’

·      Marco Mazzaglia – IT Manager and Video Game Evangelist, Milestone ‘Retrogaming, how to learn from the past: successes and mistakes in the history of video games’

·      Luc Soler – Research Project Manager in Computer Science and Robotics, IRCAD ‘Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applied to surgery’
·      Emanuele Micheli – Education Management Professional, School of Robotics, and Prof. Niccolò Casiddu – School of Architecture of Genova ‘Design and Robotics for weak users‘
·      Stefano Cieri – Lighting and Rendering TD, CANECANE ‘Taxiceratops: anatomy and behaviour of a digital creature born in Rome’
·      Fabrizio Volpi, 3D Supervisor/Compositor and Marco Negri, 3D Artist Xchanges VFX ‘Xchanges visual effects’
·      Simona Braga, artistic director of ArtLab ‘The revolution in lighting control devices’

Boasting an expanded program and a growing roster of inspirational, award-winning speakers, Italy’s largest computer graphics conference is now open for registrations.

The VIEW conference takes place October 25 to 28.