Virtual Animation Studio Aniboom Partners with Mutaisaian For First Animated Film

Aniboom Virtual Studio, the world’s first virtual animation studio, has partnered with Mutasian Entertainment to co-produce Mishmash Bash, the first in a series of children’s animated films. Aniboom is utilizing the proprietary technological platform of the Aniboom Virtual Studio, working with animation professionals located worldwide, to create this original children’s video.

The Aniboom Virtual Studio (AVS) is at the forefront of the future of entertainment production with the virtual studio platform. Aniboom has recruited over 10,000 animation professionals to its virtual studio. This is the first AVS release with a US based entertainment company.

Mutasian Entertainment develops creative educational entertainment for children ages 13 and under.  Mutasian Entertainment promotes a quality family experience by encouraging children to embrace individuality, accept differences and inspire them to try new things.  Mishmash Bash will appeal to kids’ love of fantasy and adventure and will focus on life lessons and values. The animation will complement Mutasia’s branded collection of original multimedia content, which includes books, web games, mobile applications, music, merchandise and an interactive website.

The story line centers on the Mutasians, an illogical, utterly impossible mixture of two or more animals that inhabit the remote island of Mutasia. The diversity displayed through these characters teaches children to respect and appreciate each other and themselves. The animation will inspire children to love nature and be inquisitive about things that are different and strange.

Uri Shinar, CEO of Aniboom, said “We’re very proud to announce the first major virtual animation studio production with a US based entertainment company. This animation production is proof that animators don’t have to be located in a brick and mortar site to produce high-quality animation.” He added, “Aniboom is thrilled to be partnering on this project with Mutasian Entertainment, and we are confident that Mishmash Bash will be a huge success.”

Suzanne Cotsakos, President and Co-Head Writer of Mutasian Entertainment, said “As a virtual entertainment company, we are both excited and pleased to form this partnership with Aniboom, who combines their creative talent and animation experience with their unique virtual platform and thousands of very talented animators to cost-effectively deliver high-quality film production.”

Aniboom will be announcing more co-productions in Europe and North America soon, deepening the revolution in the production of state of the art animated screen entertainment via the studio without walls.