Xeopex and Ed-Online Technologies Partner for “Nabab Holidays” Animated Series

CAPTION: (L to R): Tan Chiang Loong, Executive Director of Ed-Online Technologies; Lee Chuen Loong, Executive Director of Ed-Online Technologies; Fethi Nedjari, Chief Executive Officer of Xeopex; Catherine Vernon, Representative of Xeopex; Charles Ballerait, Head of Development of Xeopex

From home-court in Cannes, Xeopex, a Paris-based animation production company which specializes in developing and producing entertainment programs for children signed a significant co-production agreement for Nabab Holidays with Ed-Online Technologies, a leading Malaysian animation and e-Learning development company.

This deal comes timely, just when the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) and Global Creative and Media Agency (GCMA) had a meeting with the Centre National du Cinema et de L’image Animee (CNC) during the Cannes Film Festival (11 — 20 May) on a committed initial interest to understand how Malaysian and French producers could collaborate in the production of feature films and television productions with the support of its Government.

Adam Ham, Executive Director of GCMA said “The Malaysians have attended numerous MIPCOM, MIPTV and Marche du Film in Cannes, and it is natural that we’re extremely excited to witness a French-Malaysian co-production, which will surely open the European gateway for other Malaysian producers. The quality of Malaysian animation has improved significantly over the past few years, and this is surely a testament to the strength of the Malaysian contents and application industry and its state-of-the-art studio facilities, skill sets, and commitment of the Malaysian Government.”

Nabab Holidays is a 52 eps x 13 mins 2D animated comedy TV series that features a family running a holiday resort that serves holiday-makers from outer space.

Lee Chuen Loong, Executive Director of Ed-Online Technologies said “We are extremely happy to co-produce Nabab Holidays with Xeopex. I believe both companies can leverage on each others’ strengths and experience to make Nabab Holidays a successful comedy series.”

Fethi Nedjari, CEO of Xeopex also added “With Nabab Holidays co-production, we also want to develop promising partnerships between French and Malaysian animation industries.”