<em>Cartoon Modern</em> for the budget-conscious <em>Cartoon Modern</em> for the budget-conscious

Cartoon Modern for the budget-conscious

Cartoon Modern cover

I know most people have my book Cartoon Modern by now, but if you’re in need of a copy, Amazon is currently selling new copies at a 42% discount, the cheapest I’ve seen to date on their website. I don’t believe it’s been remaindered because those discounts are generally much steeper, but $23.28 is still a good deal for a $40 book.

From my understanding, the first printing of the book is nearly out of stock and there aren’t plans for a second printing as of this writing, so it’s a doubly good time to pick up an extra copy or two. Also, if you’re in New York City, it’s worth noting that the great Strand Books always keeps a nice stock of Cartoon Modern and sells them at a 20% discount (or $31.95). Amazon link to Cartoon Modern

UPDATE Looks like the discount period is over. Amazon has returned the book to its usual 34% discount instead of the 42% discount.