Don Graham’s “Composing Pictures” is Reprinted

Composing Pictures

I don’t know how this news passed me by, but Don Graham‘s classic book about composition called Composing Pictures is back in print for the first time in nearly thirty years! Graham played a key role in the development of character animation when he headed up the Disney studio’s legendary in-house artist training program during the 1930s.

This endorsement from Chuck Jones is about the finest one somebody could get:

The mark of a great art teacher is indicated by the quality and accomplishment of his students. By this measurement, Don Graham must be considered the finest teacher in America. His students range from people who have won innumerable awards in all fields and all media. … Composing Pictures. Read it. Draw it. Read it for pleasure, for reward, and for understanding. If you want to be an animator, you MUST read and draw this volume. It is not a luxury to you; it is a necessity.

Order Composing Pictures on Amazon for $30.

(Thanks, Tom Knott)

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