If you’ve ordered Darrell’s Magoo book…

If you’ve ordered Darrell Van Citters wonderful Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol book and never received your copy – please read the following. Paypal recently experienced a pretty severe glitch in payments and for those who got caught in the snafu, Darrell has a message for you:

Apparently, Paypal dropped a number of orders after the posting on Cartoon Brew. If you have been expecting a copy of the book but none has shown up, you most likely received a Paypal transaction ID of “0”. That indicates that I never received the order and you were never charged for it. The site still takes Paypal as its primary payment service but we have also added Google Checkout as a backup, should you have trouble. I have no way of knowing who did or didn’t order the book so I am offering free domestic shipping for a limited time to anyone who might have had a problem ordering the author signed book or to those who couldn’t make it to Comic Con. To take advantage of this, click on this link.