Inside UPA Now Shipping!

Daniel Stone holding a copy of Inside UPA
Satisfied customer Daniel Stone was awesome enough to post this photo of himself and the book on his blog

Good news just in time for your animation-related holiday shopping needs! I have received word from Tee Bosustow that the last of the pre-orders for Inside UPA are currently being mailed out and the the book is now available for immediate shipping.

If you see me unabashedly promoting this book over the coming weeks, that is because I’m quite pleased with how it turned out and more than delighted to be able to call it the first Cartoon Brew book. Not only is it a one-of-a-kind piece of animation history, but all the proceeds go towards documenting more animation history: namely the completion of Tee Bosustow’s film documentary about the legendary UPA animation outfit.

To read more about the book, I direct you to this review on Drawn! by Ward Jenkins. Quotes from animation luminaries like John Canemaker and Lou Romano are also being posted on

The book is available in a limited edition of 1000 hand-numbered copies, and of those, 50 come with a bookplate signed by the following UPA veterans: Millard Kaufman, Fred Crippen, Willis Pyle, Bob Dranko, Bob McIntosh, Erv Kaplan, Gene Deitch, Sam Clayberger, Dolores Cannata, Howard Beckerman, Joe Siracusa, David Weidman, Joe Messerli, Edna Jacobs, and Alan Zaslove. Only 17 signed copies remain! If you’re curious about what the signed card looks like, check out the pic posted on Daniel Stone’s blog. And if you’re wondering about whether the signed copy is worth it, just listen to what Mr. Stone has to say: “Even though my stomach is empty and I’m all out of coal for the furnace, it was worth it. Worse comes to worst… I can eat the book!”

I did a post a few weeks ago with photos of some of the artists signing the bookplate. Below is a new set of photos. The artists are, top to bottom: Gene Deitch, Dolores Cannata, David and Dorothy Weidman, Howard Beckerman, Edna Jacobs, Joe Siracusa, Fred Crippen, Joe Messerli.

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