POP QUIZ: Megamind Book Contest! POP QUIZ: Megamind Book Contest!

POP QUIZ: Megamind Book Contest!

Insight Editions is giving our readers an incredible Christmas gift: an autographed copy their latest Dreamworks tie-in book, The Art of Megamind by Richard von Busack. The book, and the production art it showcases, is very cool. Sketches, paintings, storyboards and much more from names you should know like Tony Siruno, Craig Kellman, Andy Bialk, Kory Heinzen and Tim Lamb (and many others) fill the pages. Absolutely great stuff. What do you have to do win a free copy? The first five people to correctly answer the following Megamind question in the comments section below will get it (Dreamworks/PDI employees should refrain from answering).

Here’s the Question: What is the name of Megamind’s TV reporter girlfriend?

The contest is now CLOSED! Winners are listed in the comments section below. Thank you for your participation. To all those who didn’t win… buy the book, it’s one of the best “Art-Ofs” I’ve seen, and makes a great Christmas gift.

P.S. We no longer announce Cartoon Brew Pop Quiz Contests in advance. They will appear occasionally and mysteriously. The reason: we had server overloads the last few times we gave advance notice. So keep reading Cartoon Brew regularly for your chance to win free books and DVDs. You never know.