Todd Oldham’s New Book on Alexander Girard

Designer Todd Oldham, who played such an important role in the rediscovery of illustrator Charley Harper, has set his sights on another relatively forgotten mid-century designer. This time, it’s Alexander Girard. Girard worked across many disciplines–textile, typography, illustration, interior design, architecture–and his work has influenced many people throughout the years, including animation artists like Lou Romano. He was to textile design what Mary Blair was to animation and Sister Corita to silkscreening–a designer with exquisite taste and playful, folksy aesthetic sensibilities.

A lot more people are going to know Girard’s name now that Oldham, along with Kiera Coffee and Ammo Books, has put together the massive 672-page monograph simply titled Alexander Girard. The just-released book looks stunning and easily one of the must-have art books of 2011. The video above features Oldham speaking about the book, which is 40% off on Amazon.

Alexander Girard Alexander Girard Alexander Girard