Upcoming Disney Books Upcoming Disney Books

Upcoming Disney Books

I got a peek at the latest Disney Book Group catalog, prepared for this week’s London Book Fair. There are plenty of things coming up this fall of interest to our readers, for example:

THE PIXAR TREASURES by Tim Hauser (similar to The Disney Treasures with all sorts of removable “keepsakes”) – publication date September 2009.

THE MAKING OF DISNEY’S A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Diane Landau (based on the Zemeckis motion capture film) – publication date September 2009

SEASON’S GREETINGS FROM DISNEY by Jeff Kurtti (a collection of vintage studio Christmas cards) – publication date September 2009

SOUTH OF THE BORDER WITH DISNEY by J.B. Kaufman (major history of Disney’s South American films) – publication date October 2009

WALT DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIOS ARCHIVE SERIES: ANIMATION, Intro by John Lasseter – publication date October 2009

WALT DISNEY IMAGINEERING – a sequel to a previous Imagineering book, with a Forward by Bob Iger Intro by John Lasseter – publication date November 2009

WALT DISNEY’S PETER PAN by Dave Barry (yes that Dave Barry) and Ridley Pearson, Illustrated by Mary Blair – publication date September 2009

I was also intrigued by the catalog’s listing of two children’s books based on upcoming shorts: Pixar’s Partly Cloudy and Disney’s Prep & Landing. Click thumbnails below to see the catalog pages about these two unusual projects.