“i” by Isabela Dos Santos

Hand-drawn animation and dance performance intersect and interact in a piece that asks, Who am I?

“Wolf Within” by Alex Horan

“As a boy in Kansas I was afraid of three things: rattlesnakes, tornados, and my father.”

“Passer Passer” by Louis Morton

An animated city symphony celebrates the hidden world of background noise with field recordings from the streets of LA and Tokyo.

“Dumb Day” by Kevin Eskew

Flower sniffing, carpet calisthenics, and other restless leisure-time activities. Domestic life can be tough. Finally, day breaks.

“Sun of a Beach” by Natan Moura

Clocking in at a brisk eighty seconds, “Sun of Beach” by Natan Moura is the shortest film debut in Cartoon Brew’s 2013 Student Animation Festival. Moura made the film as a graduation project at Sheridan College in Oakville, Canada.

“Lady with Long Hair” by Barbara Bakos

Lady with Long Hair by Barbara Bakos is our third debut in Cartoon Brew’s 2013 Student Animation Festival. The graduation film was …

“Our Son” by Eric Ko

This morning we continue Cartoon Brew’s Student Animation Festival with the online debut of Eric Ko’s Our Son (우리 아들) which is a …

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