CBTV Student Fest: “Chief Serenbe”

By Evan Curtis. Home in Missoula, Home in Truckee, Home in Opelousas, Ain’t no home for me. Home in old Medora, Home in Wounded Knee, Home in Ogallala, Home I’ll never be – Kerouac

CBTV Student Fest: “Overcast”

By James Lancett and Sean Weston. The story of cartoon character and his struggles to get by in the real world with an ever-present rain cloud hanging over his head.

CBTV Student Fest 5: Pdingpdoong

By Krishna Chandran A. Nair, Manasi Parikh, Nupur Mukherjee, and Chewang Lepcha. Two playful and naughty schoolboys have a unique perspective on life.

CBTV Student Fest #3: Artichoke Hearts by Kazimir Iskander

By Kazimir Iskander. The story of a Angus Grant, a cranky middle-aged divorcee and Teehan Delko, his spirited, 10-year-old neighbor, cast away from the world on a lonely island in the American Midwest.

CBTV Student Fest #3: August by Matthias Hoegg

Unwanted visitors disturb the tranquility of a campsite at the height of summer. While mayhem breaks out on the lawn, a group of ants makes brave new discoveries in the grass.

Cartoon Brew TV #25: Depth Study (1957)

By Gene Deitch. A 1957 sales film for CBS Television directed by Ray Favata at Terrytoons with exemplary design by Cliff Roberts.

Cartoon Brew TV #21: Together!

We’ve got a new short on Cartoon Brew TV today: Together! (2009) directed by David Sheahan. This was a thesis film created at Pratt …

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