Pillow Peter is a junior year film made by Nigel Clark at the School of Visual Arts in New York. It’s an eccentrically drawn film about an eccentric boy who loves pillows. The droll storybook narration works perfectly as does the short’s gentle tone, which masks the heartbreak beneath the surface.

Nigel, who’ll be answering questions in the comments, made these observations about his film:

Pillow Peter starts out happy and then gets sad, very very sad. I hope you find it funny when Pillow Peter is happy; I also hope you find it funny when Pillow Peter is sad. If you cannot do that for me, I hope that you can at least find it sad when he is happy and sad when he is sad. Actually it would be even better if you find it happy and sad when he is happy and when he is sad, and then you could get hungry or something.

Aside for having once been a small boy, I have known a catholicity of small boys. This has lead me to an understanding. Small boys (and girls) don’t realize what is going on out there in that big wacky world of ours. Eventually most of these small people experience experiences that educate them as to what is out there. This painful education process may be more or less extreme than what Pillow Peter experiences, but regardless, the experience or experiences remove something from them. I am not sure if that something is innocence or naivety but what ever it is, it is irretrievable.

Filmmaker website: NigelDClark.blogspot.com

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