Craigslist Animation Ad of the Week Craigslist Animation Ad of the Week

Craigslist Animation Ad of the Week

In this economy, any work is better than none, but as I pointed out last week, there are some offers you may want to think twice about. Here’s a good one that popped up on Craigslist:

Animator needed for tv pilot episode!

Seeking Animator to create 15 second animation to illustrate a point for a personal development TV pilot episode. Pay is low, however if show is picked up there is chance for future work, and credits off course…

I am an awesome person to work with, young/ hip /entrepreneur!

Pay: $250
Send email with links or samples of work.
Thanks! Email
Exposure and joy guaranteed.

I did a little research on the email address, and it turns out the person commissioning this is a masseuse, which gives potentially new meaning to her guarantee of exposure and joy.

(Thanks, Patrick Tuorto)