Frederator Networks and Mexico City-based Anima Estudios have teamed up to create Átomo Network, a Spanish-language YouTube animation network similar to Channel Frederator.

Frederator and Anima Estudios have made an initial investment of $1 million dollars to launch the joint venture, which intends to become “one of the world’s largest recruiters and incubators of Spanish-language animation.” The company will be based in Mexico City, with support from Frederator’s offices in New York City and Burbank, and a satellite in Madrid.

“We’re seeing huge scalability in online content in the Spanish-language vertical, especially within Central and Latin America, and an appetite for next generation animation,” said Fred Seibert, CEO of Frederator Networks, in a press release.

Átomo is modeled on Channel Frederator, which currently represents 2,500 YouTube channel partners with a global audience of 40 million subscribers. It plans to offer network members a similar set of services, resources, promotion, and support. Additionally, Átomo will provide translation and dubbing services to select members of Channel Frederator, allowing English-language channels to expand their reach to Spanish-speaking audiences.

For Cartoon Brew’s Spanish speakers, here is a news segment from yesterday in which Anima exec Enrique Vazquez, who has been named general manager of Átomo Network, discusses the new venture:

Átomo Network will definitely mark a whole new era in animation for all Spanish-speaking audiences. There is a huge talent pool of creators én Espanol and we want to support them,” added José Carlos García de Letona, COO & executive vice president Ánima Estudios.

The main Átomo Network YouTube channel will debut with original Spanish-language cartoons from Ánima Estudios, which released two theatrical features in Mexico last year: Top Cat Begins and Wicked Flying Monkeys. The studio is currently producing the Netflix series Las Leyendas, the streamer’s first original animation series targeted for Latin America, set to debut in 2017.

Additionally, Átomo will produce localized versions of Channel Frederator’s mot popular shows, including 107 Facts, Tooned Up, and Cartoon Conspiracy.

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