The Land of Boggs The Land of Boggs

Through its subsidiary Frederator Network (a division of Wow! Unlimited Media), Genius Brands International has secured an exclusive first-look content deal with digital media company Buzzfeed.

Here are the details of the agreement:

  • Under the new deal, Frederator Network gets exclusive first rights to develop and produce short- and long-form series based on original digital properties created by the Buzzfeed Animation Lab. The first short-form content being developed by Frederator is The Land of Boggs, based on a popular digital animated series with more than 10 million followers across all social media platforms.
  • Other properties being considered for further development are The Good Advice Cupcake, a series about an optimistic dessert treat, with more than 6 million followers; the sister comedy Weird Helga, with over 9 million followers; and Chikn Nuggit, a gender-inclusive comedy about a weird long-eared dog, with over 7 million followers.
  • For series developed by Frederator, the company will also serve as global content sales agent led by company director of development Isabel Schultz. Geniuis Brands’ consumer products division will also develop a retail program for the IP catalog, with chief brand officer Kerry Phelan at the helm.
  • Frederator’s parent company Wow! Unlimited Media was acquired by Beverly Hills-based Genius Brands International in October 2021. Genius recently consolidated its subsidiaries Frederator Network, Kartoon Channel!, and Ameba into one entity called Genius Networks which will be available on SVOD, AVOD, and free ad-supported streaming tv channels.


Pictured at top: The Land of Boggs

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