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No one is laughing anymore at DreamWorks. (Photo: s_bukley/

The 500-plus employees who were laid off at DreamWorks Animation aren’t the only ones struggling now. According to an SEC filing made yesterday, the studio’s poor financial performance has affected founder and CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, whose annual compensation plummeted over $7 million in 2014.

Katzenberg earned a pitiful $6.4 million in 2014, a reduction of 53% from the $13.5 million he earned a year earlier. Of that amount, $500,000 was spent on personal security services. Fortunately Katzenberg appears to have squirreled away a few dollars for tough times; his net worth is reportedly between $800 million to one billion dollars.

Not so lucky are the rest of the studio’s top officers, nearly all of whom have been affected by the company’s recent struggles. Here are the other executives who are just one more Penguins of Madagascar away from the soup line:

Ann Daly, DreamWorks Animation president
2013 salary: $8 million
2014 salary: $4.2 million

Michael Francis, DreamWorks Animation chief global brand officer
2013 salary: $6.1 million
2014 salary: $3.3 million

Fazal Merchant, DreamWorks Animation CFO
2013 salary: not hired yet
2014 salary: $2.5 million

Mark Zoradi, former DreamWorks Animation COO
2013 salary: not hired yet
2014 salary (beginning in August): $2.1 million

Lewis Coleman, former DreamWorks Animation vice-chairman and CFO
2013 salary: $3.1 million
2014 salary: $3.4 million