“In an uncertain future, a group of crazy and less-than-obedient squad fights the great war. This group of misfits uses humor to get along during the hard life of a soldier. In spite of the constant teasing, this fraternity look up to each other in hard times.”

Project by 2veinte, Argentina, 2018.

Key creative credits
Directed by 2veinte
Creative director: Pablo Gostanian
Animation director: Diego Polieri
Art direction: Pablo Gostanian, Diego Polieri
Lead cel animation: Diego Polieri, Fernando Toninello, Juan Nadalino, Israel Giampietro
Additional animation: Patricio Plaza, Martin Gil, Julian Fumagalli
Cel animation Assist: Yazmin Hanna, Denise Cirone, Diego Fracchia, Ivan Greco
Addicional clean-up: Facundo Garcia, Agostina Salvemini, Nahuel Sagarnaga
Idea: Pablo Gostanian
Characters design: Diego Polieri
Story: Pablo Gostanian, Diego Polieri, Melisa Farina
Composition: Daniel di Paola, Mateo Vallejo
Editing: Pablo Gostanian, Diego Polieri
3D Animation: Mateo Vallejo
Illustration: Diego Polieri, Nahuel Sagarnaga, Patricio Delpeche
Additional illustration: Santiago Villa
Robots Design: Delfina Perez
Additional AE animation: Daniel Di Paola
Original Music: Thomas Richard Christensen
Ending Credits Music: “Un poco loco” by Sergio Denis

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